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Ever wondered what the best weapon builds are in Warzone, what the latest news is or how to complete an easter egg? Read that and other interesting articles about our favourite franchise here.

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A familiar name amongst submachine guns finally finds its way into Warzone, and it is nothing short of exceptional in game.

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The official Call of Duty Discord has never made it easy to find friends. We understand this problem. Our Call of Duty: Warzone LFG is one of the most active communities out there! Our members come from all other the world and play together on the official platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) every day.

We wanted to make the LFG experience better, so we did. With multiple looking for group channels and tools at your disposal, finding teammates in our Warzone Discord is almost easier than joining. Become a member today and get one step closer to winning your games!

About Us

45,000+MEMBERS Bless this moderation team, seriously

Feedback from the community plays a significant role in how we moderate our server. We strive to make our discord a pleasant environment with polite and friendly staff members that are always open to any suggestions that would improve our Warzone discord. Running into an issue? Check our #faq channel to find solutions to common problems or send a message in our #game-support asking for help.

Tens of thousands of players come meet up to spend valuable time with similarly passionate gamers. Be sure to leave all toxicity behind and join with the attitude of a real soldier!

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Our Approach

Easy, fast to party up

Easy, fast to party up

With thousands of members in our community, it has never been easier to find new friends to play with! This is not only a place to find teammates but also a social hub for gamers. The server is divided into neatly organised text and voice channels to look for a group, read news, grab your statistics or just relax and have fun.

Improve quickly

Improve quickly

Using our looking for group channels and tools, you can easily pair up with skilled players and discover new ways to win! We unlocked lots of resources and hints from top gamers to move you into higher level. Read our guides, expand your knowledge and charge to battle. See you in Verdansk!

Powerful Bots

Powerful Bots

Our server has multiple powerful bots powering the community! You can also use the ModernWarfare bot to quickly retrieve your or someone else’s Call of Duty statistics. To the automatic voice channel bot we have, scrolling through empty voice channels is a thing of the past. All this combined makes looking for group easier than ever!

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