Amateur Quads Warzone Tournament With Amazing $5,000 Prize Pool

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Huge event and big Warzone party coming this weekend!

Amateur Quads Warzone Tournament With Amazing $5,000 Prize Pool

Heat up for Call of Duty: Warzone Saturday Night Quads Tournament:

  • Mode: Quads – Kill Race
  • Entry fee: $25
  • Length: 3 hours
  • Date: December, 19th7 – 10 PM ET

GameFace is going back to Trios with more prizes than ever! Join in on our largest event so far, with even more ways to earn prize money. Grab your friends, party up, and put on your gameface!

Everyone can join, there is not any restriction about the country of origin. You can join from Argentina as well as from Sweden with at least 100 games played so far. The best is you can win cash prize no matter what skills you have.

Feel free to check how easy the registration is, what a great discord community we are, how entertaining previous tournaments were.

First 3 places in each division will be honored with cash prizes. Now you can win a special price for the player with most kills or one player-submitted clip selected from the tournament.

Technical information

Do you live in different timezone? No problem, the tournament is opened for everyone, convert the time in your place into Eastern Time with Timezone Converter and do not be late.

There is no restriction about the platform, you can play on your favourite device. Xbox, PlayStation or PC is supported, too.

Play at Your Own Level

Teams are divided into 4 divisions based on the total Kills to Deaths ratio (KD). There is a division for novice team with KD lower than 4 as well as for advanced specialists with total KD bigger than 12. Now, anyone can be on top in his division!

How it Works?

We don’t bother you to fill any registration form. All you need is to have discord account. Then join the server:

you find detailed information how to register your squad, connect to the tournament and get paid, when you win.

If you miss teammate, post your request into one of the channels in our huge Warzone discord community.

Prize Money

In each division, first three places are awarded:

  • 1st place: $750
  • 2nd: $300
  • 3rd: $150

The player with the most kills in each division wil receive $25.

One player-submitted clip will be selected from the tournament to receive $25.

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Amateur Trios Warzone Tournament With Amazing $5,000 Prize Pool

Biggest event so far coming this weekend!