Controller Settings: A Short Guide

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Controller Settings: A Short Guide

In a game of split-second reactions and high-pressure, unpredictable scenarios, optimal controller settings are often the factor that separate the elite players from the good. Now, to be fair, there is no “right or wrong” when it comes to pre-setting a controller. The elite players just happen to be the ones that are most comfortable and efficient with the settings they have chosen. No one can question the process behind strong output in Warzone if that output is consistently achieved.

Controller Settings

• Button Layout: Bumper Jumper Tactical

• Stick Layout Preset: Default

• Invert Vertical Look: Disabled

• Deadzone: This depends on your controller and often requires a little experimentation. As a rule of thumb, find the lowest numerical settings that does not create stick drift (involuntary aim movement, 0.5 for most people)

• Horizontal stick sensitivity: 6

• ADS sensitivity multiplier (Low and High zoom): 1.00

• Aim response curve type: Linear

• Controller vibration: Disabled

The differences between controls within Bumper Jumper Tactical are only ones of comfort, as are flipping triggers and bumpers on the back. Whichever ones are ultimately “better” depends on a player’s discretion, how each control set feels relative to being more natural or easier to use. Testing Deadzone can be done by loading into a match and going into a match and seeing if gun crosshairs move at all without provided input. If it does, take it a notch higher until there is a visual balance since lower Deadzone provides more precision under the assumption that there is no pre-existing drift. Controller sensitivity is completely based on ease to each individual player. Some thrive on low sensitivity, while it infuriates others. Anything from 4-16 is perfectly functional, but the recommended range is anywhere between 5-8. Electing for a linear response curve gives the player type of motion most accurate to their command input. Controller vibration is unnecessary, as it only proves to distract players and do damage to ones hands after a fair bit of time.


• Aim assist: Focusing

• Scale Aim Assist with FOV: Enabled

• Weapon mount activation: ADS + Melee

• Weapon Mount Movement Exit: Enabled

• Aim Down Sights Behavior: Hold

• Equipment Behavior: Hold

• Use/Reload Behavior: Contextual Tap

• Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch: Enabled

Aim assist is a setting that typically changes as a player gains more and more experience over time. Aim assist should be set to standard when a player feels that they do not need the extra help and that the focusing is a detriment to the time-to-kill against an opponent in a gunfight. If a player tends to switch weapons by default as they run out of rounds, then the last feature can be put on manual without much of a difference in results.


• Slide Behavior: Tap

• Auto Move Forward: Disabled

• Automatic Sprint: Disabled

• Vehicle Camera Recenter: Disabled

• Parachute Auto-Deploy: Disabled

Tap sliding is a mechanism that can truly determine who goes into the Gulag. It provides smooth, fluid movement patterns that can be easily cancelled out in order to restore tactical sprinting. If an opponent suddenly springs into action, this ease and range of motion can provide critical time for a player to gain an advantage in combat. If you do not use akimbo pistols or shotguns, auto-sprint should absolutely be disabled because it has a propensity to stop shots mid hip-fire. Parachute auto-deploy should also be disabled, as it essentially guarantees that a player will not get the quickest landing possible, seconds that become especially crucial in the early game when numbers of enemies are at their highest.

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