Pistol: M19

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An unorthodox option that offers surprising perks.

A pistol is a choice that is as intriguing as it is uncommon to use in Warzone as a primary means of damage. But, with the option to wield two, it starts to make a bit more sense as to way some people elect to go the route of a handgun. If a player can place their shots on both, the M19 can become a lethal decision.


  • Barrel – XRK V Extended
  • Laser – 5mW Laser
  • Trigger – Lightweight Trigger
  • Ammunition – 27 Round Mags
  • Perk – Akimbo

The XRK V Extended barrel attachment is a strong choice, as it improves barrel velocity and damage range. A 5mW Laser is a no-brainer on guns that don’t have an ADS function, as hip-fire accuracy goes from a luxury to a necessity. Having a Lightweight Trigger increases the firing rate both guns significantly, and 27 round mags install larger clip without greatly expensing movement. Going akimbo with these is another simple decision, as a pistol is likely a hip-firing option already, so a player might as well commit to it and get two guns.


Damage: With two firearms that spit rounds effortlessly, the math is a no-brainer on how much stopping power this option can give a player.


Recoil: With two guns, command on an individual gun is completely sacrificed. Expect a few rounds to go awry

Mobility: Movement can surprisingly be problematic, even with two handguns.

In Action:

Checkout Suid’s gameplay using the M19 in Warzone!

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