Shotgun: R9-0 Shotgun

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Double barrels provide two rapid shots before each re-chamber.

Shotgun: R9-0 Shotgun

As far as weapons within short-range that can inflict high-caliber damage go in Warzone, the R9-0 shotgun should undoubtedly place near the top of the list. As a pump-action firearm with strong individual rounds and multiple barrels, it can be a fantastic resource for any player to have if enemies get up close and personal. Shotguns in general tend to attract a certain crowd in every Call of Duty title as a weapon of choice, and the R9-0 seems to be the consensus favorite in this one.


  • Muzzle – Choke
  • Barrel – FORGE TAC Sentry
  • Laser – 5mW Laser
  • Ammunition – Dragon’s Breath Rounds. 
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape

Although it reduces ADS slightly, the usage of a choke can tighten up the occasionally troublesome pellet spread that hinders the R9-0 in addition to increasing its effective damage range. The FORGE TAC Sentry serves the same purpose, as it further controls shrapnel spread in addition to increasing damage at the expense of the same factor, ADS. The 5mW Laser is crucial to not only improving sprint speed, but hip fire accuracy, a statistic that is relevant to shotguns in particular because of the often unexpected nature in which they can be needed. If an enemy is feet away from a player in a gunfight, that player would often be better off sacrificing the ADS time to fire a few hip fire rounds that have a significantly better chance of impact. The Merc Foregrip offsets the ADS loss from the prior two attachments in addition to reducing recoil at the cost of movement speed, one that is not noticeable enough to warrant not using the Merc Foregrip as a whole. Although the Dragon’s Breath rounds can slightly cut off effective damage range, the incentive of incendiary damage that goes beyond initial impact is simply too good to pass up.


Damage: As far as finishing power goes, this is the weapon for the job, aim is almost irrelevant and the rounds are incredibly strong.

Control: Although it wields plenty of power, it is a surprisingly manageable gun to handle with reasonable recoil.


Stealth: If a player is looking to keep a low profile, this is not the gun to use. With movement semi-expensed and ADS that is far from rapid, getting a semi-sure shot in is key.

Versatility: The R9-0 is a situational gun at its finest. Outside of its range, it becomes more of a liability than an asset due to damage drop off coupled with the aforementioned movement issues.

In Action:

Checkout TimTheTatman’s gameplay using the R9-0 in Warzone!

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