Warzone Discord Articles

Assault Rifle: RAM-7

An assault rifle that may be as underrated as it is well-rounded.

Assault Rifle: Oden

An effective option amongst assault rifles that becomes lethal in the right hands.

Assault Rifle: M13

An assault rifle that has many of the same benefits of an SMG, a solid choice for those looking to operate in close quarters.

Assault Rifle: Grau 5.56

This modular 5.56 weapon platform is lightweight and manoeuvrable, with exceptional range. Precision engineering and world class after-market barrels give this weapon extreme potential.

Assault Rifle: FAL

Semi-automatic battle rifle with a high rate of fire for faster follow up shots.

Assault Rifle: AS VAL

The AS-VAL is a strong, if unorthodox, option for the seasoned veteran when combat gets up close and personal.

Assault Rifle: AN 94

A classic gun to the Call of Duty Franchise, the AN-94 is as sturdy and reliable as ever.

Assault Rifle: AK-47

The gold-standard for assault rifles throughout the Call of Duty franchise’s history, this version of the AK-47 has its drawbacks.

Assault Rifle: M4A1

Because it embodies a “jack of all trades” skill set, the M4A1 is a strong choice for any player.

Assault Rifle: CR-56 AMAX

A full-auto assault rifle that can fit in any player’s arsenal, the reincarnation of the fan favorite Galil manages to live up to the hype.