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A familiar name amongst submachine guns finally finds its way into Warzone, and it is nothing short of exceptional in game.

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Sniper Rifle: HDR

Another bolt-action sniper rifle offering within the realm of Warzone that can be devastating from long range.

Sniper Rifle: AX-50

This bolt-action sniper rifle, although it is not the most popular choice, can be incredibly unforgiving from range.

Marksman Rifle – SP-R 208

A reliable, formidable bolt-action marksman rifle, players are given an option that can eliminate opponents one shot at a time.

Marksman Rifle: Kar98k

Another familiar entry from the Call of Duty franchise, this bolt-action sniper can be unforgiving in the right hands.

Submachine Gun: Uzi

A classic remastered within the realm of Warzone, the Uzi is as effective and dangerous as submachine guns come.

Submachine Gun: MP7

Compact by design, this fully automatic weapon has a high rate of fire and low recoil.

Submachine Gun: Fennec

An aggressive full auto sub machinegun with battery smooth recoil and blazing fast fire rate that is exceptional for strategic room cleaning and holding down the front line.