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We created a unique platform, GameFace, to compete in Call of Duty: Warzone tournaments for cash prizes. Play at your own level, anyone can be on top!

Sign Up with Discord

Your Discord account is also your GameFace account. We won’t bother you with another registration form. Sign up process is easy and straightforward.

Not having account yet? Sign up for your first tournament we’ll take you to Discord. Choose a username, add email address where verification email will be sent and you’re all set!

How Amateur Warzone Tournaments Works?

There are different game modes prepared for you – Duos, Trios, Quads or solo mode. Always check twice game mode on the tournament page to find the one which suits you the best.

Playing with a squad, you are either team captain or team member. Captain registers all the members with simple commands in chat thread. Other members will receive a private message with the invite. For detailed instructions check FAQ section.

Active Call of Duty Community

If you miss a teammate for your squad, or you look for the team to play with, join one of our popular discord servers:

There are thousands of members from Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North & South America. Multiple chat rooms are available to post your message and find missing gamers or to set up completely new team!

We care about the community. The feedback plays significant role how we moderate the server. Our goal is to make the hub a better place for all passionate Call of Duty players.

The game statistics are saved and displayed in live scoreboards. GameFace automatically calculates your best games in tournaments by combining your kills and match placement in real time.

Rewards are prepared to honor you for playing in events, engaging with fellow members, and encouraging friends to show their gameface!

Play on Your Favourite Device

GameFace amateur Warzone tournaments have no limits about the equipment. All popular platforms Xbox, PlayStation or PC are perfectly accepted to join the match.

Play at Your Own Level

No matter if you belong among the top players according to cod tracker with Kills/Deaths ratio 2.5+, you have won more than 500 games or you are total newbie and the Average life is less than minute or two.

We group players with similar Kills/Deaths ratios together. Everyone has a chance to survive, the victory is not untouchable far. Anyone can be on the top!

Tournament Prices & Payments

The next level entertainment comes when playing Warzone tournaments for money. GameFace gives you a chance to compete against similarly skilled players and earn cash to your pocket.

Currently we only accept payments via PayPal. At checkout, you can enter your debit card details without registering for PayPal.

Cash prizes will be deposited to PayPal automatically within couple of days. If you run into an issue, contact us via discord.

Ready to show your real gameface?

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